Making sure Cherokee community organizations near and far can stay connected with each other, and with Cherokee Nation, is important. A new grant program for the at-large organizations was created. It gets IT equipment to those communities so they can stay connected to the nation and to survey our 14 county organizations, many of which are in rural areas, to determine what Cherokee Nation can do to provide them reliable internet connectivity. Both projects will take time and resources, but it was good to see the fruits of some of that labor on display today in Wichita with the Greater Wichita Area Cherokee Community. GWACC can now be better connected with Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach and with other organizations for training and other activities with this new equipment. The GWACC received the gift during the GWACC event and potluck in 2019. The GWACC community is very thankful for the gift and will put it all to good use. Wado

GWACC receives IT equipment from the Cherokee Nation

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