GWACC Membership form-New

1) Qualifications of Members- GWACC Membership shall be maintained at 60% to 40% Cherokee household to non- Cherokee household. Applicant will be granted membership upon payment of a one-time membership fee. Applicable fees are listed on page 2 of application form. For approval of membership, applicant will complete the application form of the GWACC. Membership fee shall apply per individual or household. At the time of application each household shall designate the names of participating members over eighteen (18) years of age at the same address for voting purposes. The approval of all membership applications is at the discretion of the Council.  2) Rights and Obligations of Members – Upon payment of membership dues, a member household shall receive newsletters and individual members shall receive voting rights in GWACC.  3) Termination of Membership – Membership may be terminated by the Council for the following reasons: (a) violation of the by-laws of the GWACC and/or action that is detrimental to the organization. Only the Council has authority to investigate and/or terminate a membership. However, any member is entitled to bring to the Council a grievance concerning conduct by any member or Council member which they believe to be a violation of the by-laws and/or action that is detrimental to the organization. The Council shall investigate all grievances. As part of the investigation, the Council is obliged to receive testimony and evidence from the member in question in their own defense. A membership may be terminated only after a consensus of the members of the Council is reached. If a member of the Council is under investigation, he or she may not participate and shall not be counted in the process of reaching consensus on, the question of their termination. The decision of the Council is final.